NASA39s LEAPTech Xplane Will Fly with 18 Electric Motors and Tiny


With a double nonet of small electric motors, the LEAPTech X-plane increases efficiency by 60%


NASA's Latest Concept Plane Has 18 Electric Engines on Impossibly Narrow Wings

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Flying the Electric Skies

First Passenger Electric Aircraft to Take Off Soon

According to Mark Moore, an aerodynamicist at Langley, “LEAPTech has the potential to achieve transformational capabilities in the near-term for general ...

First flight of the twin-fuselage Stratolaunch, the world's largest plane with a wing

This week kicks off the truly gigantic trade show known by its sponsoring organization's abbreviation: NBAA, or in common lingo, "Enn, Bee, Double A." While ...

LEAPTech wing

X-57 principal investigator Sean Clarke flies the X-57 simulator.

Can Electric Air Racing Add a Jolt to the Quest for Better E-Planes?

Leaptech wing under test at Edward Air Force Base. Photo: IEEE

P2008 captured in flight. All photos courtesy Tecnam Aircraft.

The Joby Aviation S4 is a four-seater with six electric-powered tilting propellers that should fly within the next year.

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The SPCCI engine is designed to compress the fuel-air mixture to almost, but not quite, the threshold of ignition. This goal is accomplished, in part, ...

Engineer stands with NASA-Lockheed "Quest" X-plane design model in wind

Second Transformative Vertical Flight Workshop Is a Great Success

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Il pilota collaudatore George Aird evacua l'aereo dopo aver perso il controllo del mezzo

Next week's African Pilot Aviation News will be filled with pictures showing you some of the times and experiences of our group.

Sailplane-Like Boeing Cruises on SUGAR

'Cool' aviation careers in spotlight


Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

TechJect's Dragonfly micro UAV flies like a bird and hovers like an insect


Electric Motors - MagLab

MRSz Z-04 Béke

Preliminary CDF Assessment of an Innovative Propelled Wing with Enhanced Performances by Coanda Effect | SpringerLink

Discovering some of the incredible elements in the future of #XPlanes at @NASAArmstrong.


Gestione dell'innovazione 4/e - Capitolo 08 strategie di collaborazione by McGraw-Hill Education (Italy) - issuu

Julian Bijewitz at Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.

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