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Pool Tips - Backward Cut Shots - Cut Balls in Backward when on the Rail!

Backward cut shots are one of the more difficult shots to execute on a pool table. The problem with backward cuts is that the pocket you are going for is ...

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Backwards Cut Shot Diagram

The 2 ball isn't]. The only difference is that the back cut is shooting away from the "visual cue" rail and the other is shooting toward it.

... shots can be considered back cuts.] blind pockets

How To Cut Pool Balls BACKWARDS!! - YouTube

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Aiming without Aiming Part II – How I really aim a billiards shot

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ball-hit fraction illustrations


Next, address the cueball(including english) and begin to slowly wiggle the rear of your cue back and forth like a horizontal pendulum.


During your next practice session, take a few minutes to drill these two shots. You'll be thankful, because they'll pop up sooner rather than later.

Become A Pool Genius By Mastering These 6 Essential Shots

Check it out - power bar on the right.

Racking a game of three-ball with the standard fifteen-ball triangle rack. [taller view]

Then I can show you how to calculate the angle of white ball and target ball.

How to Play Cutthroat Pool

Learning this can only be done with a general knowledge of what happens at the point of contact and lots of practice. On all cut shots ...

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This shot is definitely going in. I think.

In previous drills, I've stressed positioning the cue ball. In the drills this month, the main goal is to make the cut shot.

Playing the top-spin is harder than the back-spin. The cue needs to hit higher on the cue ball so this requires your knuckles up and palm anchored to the ...

Line up the cue ball just like this, aiming at the edge of the 1

A comparison of the pocket facings of (left-to-right): an

3:04. Pool Tips - Backward Cut Shots - Cut Balls ...

cut-angle template

This system works pretty much from everywhere. As long as you're at the right degree, you'll be okay. So let's try a really hard cut this time.


... shots where the object ball is almost on the cushion because the nose of the rail provides a visual clue for the direction of the pocket. For me the cut ...

A hand bridge consists of your less dominant hand placed on the table (palm on the table) pushing your fingers together, pressing your thumb against your ...

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Pool Player's Edge-2nd Edition

Cue Ball Position Control Basics – Part I – The Stop Shot | Aditya Ravi Shankar

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Diagrams 4 and 5 show shots similar in concept and in practice; in each case, the ball upon which you're trying to score is near the middle of the table.

Pool balls cut in half with waterjet

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1/8 OB fractional aim points commonly used.

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We will discuss the following technics: Follow shots, Stop Shots, Draw Shots and Cut Shots.

Chapter 9: How To Master The Rail Shot

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How to Stop Hitting Pulled Golf Shots

English is also used with throw shots, spin transfer shots, rail cut shots, and masse shots. English is given different names based on how it is used:

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Understanding the English of a Cue Ball

If you are just beginning to use side spin (english) or are trying to teach a beginner to use it, you have almost certainly noticed that the required aiming ...

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positional play for billiards and snooker

How to Pot the Ball in Snooker

Player A calls the 1-ball in Pocket A, and then shoots from position C3, cutting the 1-ball into Pocket A. The cue ball is past the head string when it ...

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The rules and bylaws of the San Diego Pool League are available to you at the link below. The Bylaws of the League relate to the officers of the league and ...

Illustration from Michael Phelan's 1859 book, The Game of Billiards

Racking up a game of seven-ball using the diamond rack more commonly used for

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Picture of Controlling Spin

Stand behind the shot and walk up to the table with your stick along the line of aim. Get down in your stance and use your eyes to quickly finalize your aim ...

To screw back or “back-spin” you don't need to hit the ball as hard as possible, it's all about timing. The steps should be as follows:

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Men are increasingly opting for the billiard ball look down below

Cue Ball Position Control Basics – Part I – The Stop Shot | Aditya Ravi Shankar


Usually a miscue is an accident that leads to a missed shot or missed position. Lack of chalk is often the problem although a faulty stroke that lands the ...

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Meet William Frederick Hoppe who is considered the foremost billiards player of all time. An American Billiard champion from 1887 - 1959.

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There's not really an exercise for getting your balls back to 100% other than just not getting sacked again.

fractional cut angles

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How To: Draw with sidespin in pool

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